Asha Nash


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Asha Nash, is a native of Spartanburg and a graduate of Spartanburg Community College.  Asha started her career in Charlotte, NC and quickly discovered that her love for customer relationship building was more on the business services side. After six years in the banking industry she moved back home to Spartanburg where she is now a Business Advisor for CommunityWorks, a non-profit financial organization based out of Greenville, SC.

As a Business Advisor for CommunityWorks her role is to provide small business owners tools to help their businesses grow. Her task is to build relationships with CommunityWorks’ clients and help them develop in areas where they struggle or want to improve. Asha often goes out into the communities of Upstate South Carolina to network with new startups and help them gain funding for their business. She also looks for partnerships with other organizations that could be used as resource. A main goal is to assist the borrowers to become fully bankable and to have a full understanding of business finances. Her ultimate goal is to help small businesses thrive for success in her community. She believes the more people that are connected professionally within the small business world the better