Using the Guides and Templates

How to Use the Guides and Templates

You have a lot to focus on and may not always have the time or resources to develop or refresh your marketing materials.

The guides and templates in the Marketing Library are intended be flexible and build on your marketing capacity. Offering a broad selection of designs and guides that are ready-to-use will ease the burden of developing a marketing toolkit and create a cohesive and consistent message for your business.

You can use all of the materials in the library or just a select few. For maximum impact, we urge you to explore and use all of the materials provided.

Marketing Guides

The marketing guides were created to provide you with a quick overview of topics that pertain to digital marketing. After learning the tips provided in each guide you should will have a basic knowledge of the topic and be able to develop tactics that align with your marketing plan.

For those who want a deeper knowledge, we have provided a suggested reading list and industry websites at the end of each guide.

Print Templates

Print materials continue to play an important role in the marketing mix, and these have proven to be an essential tool to distribute in the community.

Multiple format options are available to easily customize with your CDFI logo, brand colors, business name, address, telephone number, website and photos. All you have to do is fill in the information and print.

If you need instruction on customizing your design, such as how to install fonts or how to change or customize object colors in word, download the resources below for details.

Radio Scripts

There are three radio scripts included in the marketing library. These can be customized with your CDFI businesses name, address, phone number, and website.

One script is written from a potential customer’s point of view. This script will require you to hire actors and may cost a bit more to produce. This script was created to tell more of a story and is based on problem/solution marketing.

Two scripts are written from a CDFI’s point of view. You can hire an announcer to read this script, or for a more personal touch, have a representative or yourself record the commercial. Just be sure if you choose this option that the selected person has a clear, conversational tone when reading the script.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you are interested in what other CDFIs have done, check out our Inspiration page.