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CDFI Consumer Marketing Toolkit  

Get the marketing resources you need to connect with your community! You work hard for the community you serve—from offering classes on how to budget better and manage debt to working with people who need auto, home, and other personal loans to improve their lives. Marketing your services can be a challenge at times. That’s why the Opportunity Finance Network has created a library of pre-designed marketing materials and guides that are easy for you to customize and use.

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CDFI Financial Reporting & Management Forum  

This is an invitation-only community for CDFI Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), other CDFI staff, and CDFIs' professional advisors such as accountants and consultants. To request access please email Elizabeth Specht

This space is designed to be the main communication platform and work space for CDFIs to discuss and develop industry standards and best practices around financial statements and financial management, and will serve as an industry forum for sharing information, documents, and ideas on these topics. The goals of this Forum are to:
• Achieve greater consensus within the CDFI industry around financial metrics, financial statements, financial reporting, and financial management;
• Lead to streamlined financial reporting and clearer messaging by CDFIs; and
• Enable increased access to capital sources as it becomes easier for current and prospective investors to better understand CDFI financial statements, financial performance, and financial wherewithal.

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CDFI Research Community  

The CDFI Research community is intended to foster research collaborations and share analyses that objectively evaluate CDFIs’ social impact, financial performance, and capitalization structures, among other relevant topics. We seek to discus, conduct, and promote research that can help CDFIs further their programmatic goals, attract new sources of capital, and increase visibility to a broader stakeholder audience

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CDFI Women's Network  

The CDFI Women's Network (CWN) is an independent, women-led, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the advancement of women who work for CDFIs or for organizations that support the Community Development Finance industry. CWN creates opportunities for members to connect, share, and learn from each other to foster their professional success. We seek to mentor emerging practitioners and commit to being a diverse and inclusive organization that reflects the industry and the communities and people we serve.

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Job Board  

Please use this community exclusively for jobs related to the CDFI Industry.

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Lenders for a Resilient Future  

This is an invitation-only community. To request to join the Lenders for a Resilient Future community, please email Tina Poole Johnson at

Welcome to the Community “Lenders for a Resilient Future”! We created this CDFI Connect Community as a platform for sharing information, cross-pollination of ideas, and organization around the topics of clean energy, efficiency, and climate resilience. Several overlapping groups wanted to be able to share their ongoing conversations and bring in new ideas and new voices. Participants will be able to find background documents, ask questions, and collaborate around events and shared goals.
While this CDFI Community is currently by invitation-only, we hope members will recruit others who are working to build a resilient future to participate. You’ll notice posts from people who have been working together in some specific issue areas:
• The Commercial Energy Lenders (focused on financial products, underwriting, and lending specifics)
• Sustainability in Affordable Housing Lender Learning Network (SAHLLN) – mostly multifamily
• Climate Crisis CDFI working group
• Precovery Labs screening framework

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Native CDFIs  

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Open Forum  

This is an open community for OFN Members, Allies, and anyone interested in networking, collaborating, and learning about OFN and the industry.

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Small Business Finance  

The purpose of this community is to build the capacity of responsible small business lenders by providing networking, collaboration, resources, and training opportunities.

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