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  • CDFI Annual Certification and Data Collection Report (ACR): A Snapshot for Fiscal Year 2019

    This annual snapshot of data from Certified CDFIs as reported in their ACR provides evidence of how CDFIs are providing Financial Products and Development Services to distressed communities and underserved populations while maintaining safety and soundness. more
  • Native CDFIs wanted to collaborate

    Thank you all for joining the Native CDFI Community! We are still in the process of finding cdfis that woulld like to collaborate to share their resources, stories and events. Please reach out to especht@ofn.org for more information! more

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  • Sweet Grass Consulting, LLC was established in 2014 and provides professional consulting services around impact, research, and strategy that promote and support asset-based initiatives in economically burdened communities. We assist for- and non-profits that are dedicated to promoting self-determination, equity, and well-being. Sweet Grass is committed to participatory methods and has a combined 30+ years of experience in impact, research, and strategy.
  • Executive Director

    About the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is among the largest and most influential business advocacy organizations in New York, having spent the last 103 years developing and promoting policies that drive economic development and advance its members interests. The BCC provides resources, programs, tools, and direct support to businesses so that they can continue to expand and grow and serves as the economic engine for the entire borough. About the Brooklyn Alliance Capital



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