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SEO and Search Marketing for CDFIs - Would training or resources be helpful?

  • 1.  SEO and Search Marketing for CDFIs - Would training or resources be helpful?

    Posted 10-30-2019 02:19 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in free training about SEO and how they can improve their organization's search presence online?

    My name is Mike and the company I work for, CNote, is working to be an innovative and flexible capital source for CDFIs across the country. I believe CDFIs do amazing work and I want to help support their mission of economic inclusion however I can. I'm not looking for freelance work (CNote keeps me plenty busy), I'm just looking to help support CDFIs that would like some help.

    I love talking about SEO and sharing concrete ways people can drive business results with better content and SEO practices. I've helped businesses organically compete for extremely competitive keywords (>$100 PPC) and love breaking down content and SEO problems into manageable steps.

    As Head of Marketing for CNote, I get to talk about CDFIs and showcase the great work they're doing daily. However, when speaking with our CDFI partners, I've realized the competition with online lenders is fierce and that often there are resource limitations around CDFI marketing departments, which means long-term strategies like SEO may be the best way for CDFIs to compete.

    I've created a three-question survey for those interested to let me know how they'd like to learn: webinar vs. emails vs. long-form content and to express interest in any other marketing topics they'd like to explore in more depth. Please feel free to reply here with any ideas or suggestions, let's start a conversation!

    If enough people are interested, I'd be happy to put together a webinar or even start a semi-regular series via email or long-form blog posts.

    Thanks for reading,


    Survey Link:

    Mike Ivancie
    Director of Marketing, CNote
    Oakland, CA