Community Library

Locating Resources

How to Locate
  • To view resources in the community, select Communities from the navigation bar and My Communities
  • Click through the community's landing page, then click on the Library tab
    • You can see the resources members have added as well as where to upload new library entries
  • You can also search for resources by going to the navigation bar and selecting the Resources button
    • If you do not know where the resources might be, enter search terms in the main search box the same way you might enter search terms into Google or another search engine

Updating Resources

How to Upload
  • Select the Participate button in the main navigation
  • Then select Share a File
  • Enter the title of your file
  • Choose the library you wish to add the resource to
  • Enter a description
  • Choose the entry type
  • Select the Next button
  • Upload Your Files

How To Video