Jason Friedman

Friedman Associates

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Friedman Associates (FA) is CDFI consulting services firm. Our mission is to build and grow remarkably successful CDFIs. We tackle the three major challenges faced by all CDFIs: financial sustainability; enduring capacity; and mission impact. Our team of industry professionals are deployed across the country to build the financial and intellectual capacity of mission-driven lenders.

Our core competencies include: 

  • Development and expansion of nonprofit community development loan funds;
  • Feasibility studies for product and/or market expansion;
  • Creation of financial products and development services;
  • Staff training in loan fund operations;
  • Deep dive analysis of loan fund operations to assess performance and impact;
  • Capitalization plans and fund development strategies;
  • Developing metrics to measure program performance and impact; and 
  • Preparation of CDFI Fund applications.
Jason Friedman has devoted 30 plus years to increasing the availability of capital for underserved individuals and communities.  He has served as a Policy Advisor to Governor Mario M. Cuomo; led a Presidential Award winning statewide small business CDC; developed access to capital initiatives for federal, state, local government and foundation initiatives, and now leads a team of the most experienced and talented CDFI professionals in the country.