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Corinne Hyzny is based in Cinnaire's Wilmington, DE office and is charged with raising Cinnaire’s visibility through our marketing and public relations initiatives and leading our overarching marketing plan. She loves to bring brand stories to life through words, images and graphics. In 2017, she lead the Cinnaire team’s development and individual ownership of the Why of our organization, the statement of purpose that guides Cinnaire’s communications, decisions and programs daily. Possessing more than 25 years of strategic marketing and public relations experience, Corinne began her career at Saatchi & Saatchi DFS Advertising, San Francisco. From there, she went on as a marketing consultant, copywriter and account director building and strengthening brands with regional and national marketing agencies. As Vice President, Strategic Communications, Corinne originated Cinnaire’s in-house Marketing Communications department and shapes and shepherds Cinnaire’s messaging and branding across all platforms with both internal and external audiences. Her community development and finance expertise spans from affordable housing development to charter schools and conventional commercial real estate organizations. Corinne received a Bachelors degree from Harvard University.